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Erik Janssen, Owner | Snowboarding Since 2007

Hometown: Englewood, Colorado

Erik launched Norse in 2012 when he moved out of Denver to colder climates more acclimated to his Viking roots. An ex-professional motocross racer, engineer, and fitness fanatic, he is using his experience to develop the Norse brand.

Favorite quote: "If you're doing what everyone else is doing, you're doing something wrong." -Erik Janssen

AJ Wix, Sponsored Team Rider | Snowboarding Since 1989

Hometown: Gaylord, Michigan

Snowboarding most of his life, AJ's talent flourished after moving to Winter Park in 2004. A tattoo artist and owner at Pain & Pleasure Tattoo, AJ applies his snowboarding talent to quality ink.

Favorite quote: "Taste death, live life!" -Suicide (from Ski Patrol movie)

Brandon Dipprey, Sponsored Team Rider | Snowboarding Since 2009

Hometown: Marble Falls, Texas

Coming from a wakeboarding background, Brandon is no stranger to flips and getting off the ground. A hardcore rider who's hucking big air every second he gets..

Favorite quote: "A true man of character knows his limitations, but doesn't accept them!" -Muhammid Ali

Chris Dutt, Brand Ambassador / Assistant | Snowboarding Since 2010

Hometown: Breckenridge, Colorado

A local snowboard instructor and Norse enthusiast. You'll see him on the mountain representing us crazy Vikings.

Favorite quote: "Do or do not, there is no try." -Yoda

Norse snowboarding is not associated with any political, religious, or special interest group. We are simply pro-Viking and wish all people take an interest in their heritage.

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