•     Medium to small sized
  •     Quick interchange lens
  •     Spherical lens
  •     Super anti-fog lens
  •     100% UV protection
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    Advanced Performance X (APXs) is a design philosophy focused on technical innovation and smart design from start to finish. With an emphasis on quality, minimalist design, and performance, the APXs line embodies the most technically advanced products in the market.

    Designed and tested in the back-country of Colorado at Dragon's 12,000' elevation APXs research and development cabin, the APXs goggle has proven to withstand the harshest, most technically demanding conditions. The flagship product of the line, the APXs goggle, literally redefines what a goggle can be with Dragon's new patent pending Infinity Lens Technology. By completely eliminating the frame profile with this innovative lens system, the APXs goggle has maximum peripheral vision and the highest level of performance. less is more.

    The Dragon APXs Goggle is the ideal goggle whether you're skiing or snowboarding. The APXs snowboard goggle is a great choice for a goggle that's just a tad smaller than the APX. While smaller than it's big brother, the Dragon APXs will still deliver an excellent field of view
    . The APXs snowboard goggle has an easy interchangeable lens. All you have to do is pop the lens out of the front and you can have the perfect lens for whatever light conditions are thrown your way. You can't go wrong with a Dragon APXs snowboard goggle.

    Here at Norse Snowboarding, we carry a great selection of Dragon products, including the large sized snowboard APX goggle and the equivalent smaller sized APXs goggle. Norse also carries a large selection of Dragon Sunglasses, so whether you're looking for style on the snow or on the streets, we can't do you wrong.
    • Super ant-fog lens
    • Polar tech micro fleece
    • Optically correct lens
    • Uni-directional flow
    • Helmet compatible
    • 100% UV protection
    • Infinity lens technology