• Includes:
  • Complete instructions
  • Wax Iron
  • Pocket Edge Tool
  • File Brush
  • Plastic Scraper
  • Steel Scraper
  • Cable Lock
  • Ceramic Stone
  • Fiber-tex
  • Traction pad and leash
  • 2 waxes, screwdriver and a fibertex pad
Price: $143.95

    Item #: TKW
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    Tuning and waxing kits- makes getting what you need that much easier and showcases products beautifully. The One Ball Jay world domination wax kit is our second most popular seller on the market. Our hot wax kit is the most popular, but if you're looking for a few more toys the World Domination ski wax kit is perfect. This tuning kit is ideal whether you're snowboarding or skiing, and here at Norse Snowboarding we are more than happy to sell this ski tuning kit to our fellow snow cousins. Oneballjay snowboard hot world domination wax kit is a perfect start if you're looking to start tuning your own ski or snowboard gear.

    If you're looking for something a little more simple, check out our Oneballjay Hot Wax Kit also from Oneballjay. Norse Snowboarding carries a large selection of Oneballjay products, from wax, to base cleaners, to stomp pads. One Ball Jay has some serious fast wax for all conditions.