• Hand crafted in Colorado!
  • Feather weight snowboard
  • Honeycomb core
  • Aerospace grade traxial carbon fiber
  • Hybrid rocker/camber profile
  • 3 year warranty
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    OZ Varix Snowboard
    The VariX is OZ's hybrid rocker/camber snowboard design. Camber between the bindings with an early rise micro rocker tip and tail. It's the perfect all mountain snowboard! The early rise rockered nose and tail keep the board riding above all the variable conditions we experience in Colorado. From groomers to crust to powder to ice the VariX will provide unmatched control and speed. This is a Norse favorite and highly recommended!

    With a camber between the feet and an early rocker, the OZ Varix board is set to give you an excellent all mountain feel that you can ride in pow, groomers, or even jibbing in the park. OZ boards have a ton of pop and with a super lightweight feel. It's perfect board for almost any situation.

    OZ Snowboards are handcrafted right in the heart of Colorado. The company's goal is to create the best snowboard out there and to never outsource manufacturing to another country. With the current trend of snowboards leaving America and being manufactured overseas in only a few factories, innovation has gone by the way-side and has opened a huge door of opportunities for home-grown companies with revolutionary new ideas of how to create a better snowboard like OZ snowboards has taken advantage of.

    A 3 year warranty is included with a purchase of an OZ Snowboard. These boards are bomb-proof and built to the highest standard possible.
    Aerospace grade triaxial carbon fiber
    Carbon fibers woven in three directions to match the stresses within snowboard flex patterns. Carbon fiber is lighter and stronger than a typical fiberglass snowboard layup resulting in boards that are lighter and have more pop. Lighter boards means bigger hits, less fatigue and less knee pull on lifts.

    Kevlar honeycomb & full stringer poplar core
    OZ strategically located zones within the core that are replaced with lightweight Kevlar honeycomb to further reduce the board weight and act as a vibration dampening system. All of OZ board cores are constructed of full length poplar stringers. OZ is the the only manufacturer who doesn’t use finger joints. Finger joints in wood create weak points and inconsistent flex patterns.

    Environmentally conscious fabrication

    Building snowboards is very taxing on the environment. OZ loves the outdoors and does whatever they can to preserve the mountains we all ride. Here is OZ's commitment to being environmentally friendly:

    1. The factory is 100% powered by wind energy
    2. OZ recycles all of their recyclable scraps
    3. OZ uses a bio-renewable epoxy resin sourced from waste streams of other industrial processes
    4. Recylced plastics are used in the snowboards.
    5. Recycle your old skis or snowboard with OZ
    6. Only water based polyurethane is used
    OZ Snowboards was founded by local riders who are just as passionate about snowboarding as they are about building snowboards. Discouraged by the lack of innovation in the snowboard industry the OZ crew set out to build the next great snowboard design. Through many years of testing and prototypes they created the carbon fiber honeycomb kevlar board. Every material put into this board is of the highest quality. From the hand picked poplar wood to the choice wood veneers you will not find a snowboard company that pays more attention to quality and detail. All of our base shapes are designs based on 20 years of riding in Colorado’s mountains. OZ base shapes are innovative and cutting edge designs that will make you a better rider...