The Store:

Norse is an online retailer and snowboarding brand centered in the heart of Colorado. Our products are catered specifically to snowboarders, bringing you the best quality products. Our target snowboarders are the riders looking for the top notch  equipment. We launched our online store in January of 2012 and will increase our inventory each year to bring you more and more quality products so you can shred the snow on the best gear.

What sets Norse apart from other shops is that we aren't just an e-commerce site, we are developing our own Norse brand with our Norse Thor Snowboard launched recently, with future plans to add new models, outerwear, and increase our soft-good products. We also strive to get you the greatest products and the best deals, snowboarding isn't cheap so we do our best to get you the best hookup. While we do not carry skis or ski equipment, camping gear, hiking gear, etc. we certainly welcome and encourage skiers and general outdoor enthusiasts to do business with us as many items in our inventory are universal such as goggles, outer-wear, and base layers. Deep down though our target is snowboarders and each year we will be bringing new elements to the business.


The Brand:

We are making a name for ourselves, not just as a shop, but as a an actual brand. Our Norse Thor Snowboard has made an amazing hit locally in Winter Park. Norse has sponsored a few very talented local riders and are producing videos for you to check out what the Norse team is up to.


You, the customer:

We wish to bring you the best customer service as possible. Our online store auto updates in real time so we know what products we have on hand. We do not do drop shipping, all of our products are stored on hand in our warehouse, which gets you the item shipped faster and saves you money since there is no middle man. All of our products are acquired directly from the manufacturer. Having the products on hand gets you a fast shipment and also lets us know what the best products to ride are. We test what we sell and we put our products through the ringer.


The Name:

The name Norse was chosen to set itself aside from the other brands. Our theme, artwork, and attitude are all dedicated to the Old Norse Mythology and Vikings. You will not see cartoonish Vikings as often depicted in modern movies and commercials. The Vikings were the most feared, fierce, and technology advanced people of their day. They were explorers, shipbuilders, traders, and warriors.  Ice, cold, and snow never slowed down the Vikings in their destiny. Our goal of the theme with Norse is to honor the unique way of their life. The owner of the company is of Scandinavian descent and honors his ancestry by founding Norse.


The Owner:

Norse is a private company solely owned by Erik Janssen, a Colorado native. His interest in snowboarding came in 2007. The second he strapped on a board he knew he wanted to build a snowboarding brand. In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s Erik raced professional motocross both in Colorado and nationally in over 35 states achieving national ranking in Arenacross. He later pursued a college education receiving a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and worked as a water resources designer/consultant for several years. Because of his extreme sports background in motocross, he was able to take a drastic leap in his career choice of a stable engineering career to creating a snowboarding brand and shop. With his technical background, out of the box thinking, attention to detail, and professional achievements in extreme sports, he is poised to make a revolutionary impact in the sport in the coming years.