• Hand crafted in Colorado!
  • Freeride/freestyle board
  • Twin tipped
  • Nose/tail rocker
  • 6/10 flex (1 being softest and 10 being stiffest)
  • 2 year warranty
Price: $50.00

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    Slightly used demo board. No core shots, delams, or sidewall hits. Good deal.

    Unity Snowboards are handcrafted right in the heart of Colorado in Summit County. All of the boards are built by snowboarders who ride a lot, and put these snowboards to some rough tests. A 2 year warranty is included with a purchase of a Unity Snowboard. These boards are super strong and durability is not a worry you should have.

    Thicker P-Tex base material
    Unity snowboard bases are 1.52mm thick which is 0.25mm thicker than the industry standard. This makes Unity boards last longer and makes it almost impossible to "core shot" these boards.

    Highly toughened epoxy system
    This makes Unity Snowboards hold their life longer and also adds to their overall strength and durability.

    Full perimeter rubber damping foil

    Unity boards use multiple thin strips of rubber foil material around the entire edge of the boards. This material is important in strengthening the bond between the layers and helps make the boards feel more stable and solid on the snow.