While many boarders focus on bindings and the snowboard, boots are just as important. Good boots will improve all other aspects of your riding and perpetuate the good times.

In the early days, manufacturers did not create snowboarding gear specific to female riders. Times have changed, and Norse has a wide selection of women’s snowboard boots that conform to the anatomy of a female rider’s feet and lower legs. We have boots from top brands to fit female riders of all ages.

Some women wear men’s boots a couple sizes down. We highly recommend purchasing boots specifically designed for women. Men’s boots are built wider and have a higher cuff. The higher cuff cuts into a woman’s calf, and the wider boot inhibits control. Girls’ snowboard boots are built narrower and with lower cuffs.

Norse has some of the best women’s snowboard boots that incorporate fast lacing systems and innovative design to ensure your comfort and performance. Please contact us if you need any help finding the perfect pair of women’s boots.